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Tom Bradys NFT platform inks deal with draftkings and lionsgate

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Tom Brady’s new digital platform, “The TB12 Method,” has inked a deal with DraftKings and Lionsgate. This will help to bring the athlete’s lifestyle brand to a wider audience.

The partnership will see the two companies work together on content and marketing initiatives across multiple channels. This will include everything from social media activations to experiential activations at live events.

“The TB12 Method” is a digital platform that offers advice and guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It is based on the athlete’s own personal philosophy, which he has used to achieve success both on and off the field.

The partnership with DraftKings and Lionsgate will help to expand the reach of the platform and its message. It will also provide a new revenue stream for Tom Brady and his business partner, Alex Guerrero.

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